Learn How To Master Over The Job Phone Call Interview Following Phone Interview Tips

 The primary step for the personal job interview is to clear a phone call interview. Today, thousands of job seekers are struggling for the single job. Not easy – the employers, job consultants, and hiring managers now a day prefer the phone call interview before calling the candidate for the personal round. Well, it an introductory call where the recruiter/employer gets an idea about the candidate knowing his/her qualification, and inter-personal skills. Asking few questions on the phone, the employers know well whether to call the individual for the personal interview or not.


It is estimated that the ratio is half when screening the candidates through phone call interview. The reasons are many of not getting through the second call – you don’t want to follow that crowd. So, let’s get on to know how you will be able to impress the recruiter on the phone.


You are getting the chance to get to the next round, so why not be prepared ahead of it following these easy to follow tips.


What If The Call Comes Out Of The Blue

Be prepared for this. It has happened to hundreds of candidates and it might happen to you as well. If you are getting the call without any prior communication, say that you are delighted to hear from them, and if your feasibility allows talk to them accordingly or else you should be politely asking for the set time to talk. Remember not to prolong the time- provide the call back time that is not exceeding more than one hour. The recruiter will lose the interest and might not give you a call at all.


Prepare For The Call As If It Is One On One Basis

In spite of the fact that the phone call interview are common now a day, there job seekers fail to understand the significance of the same. They do not treat them at the vital recruiting part. Devote time and take interest in the job call as much as you are sitting in the front of the recruiter. The more the call becomes interesting, the better are your chances to receive the personal call confirmation.


Smile Up When The Call Is Initiated

The person at the other hand can feel the enthusiasm in your voice when you smilingly take the call. Stand up and talk – it knocks the energy levels. Slouching, wearing pajamas and giving interview will still be an interview on the phone, but you will surely feel the difference when you do it appropriately.


Stay Away From The Noise

When the job call comes ensure that you are not surrounded by the noises, it interrupts and pisses off the employer. Make sure that the pet, kids or any other possible noise distractions are kept at bay. If you still feel the uneasiness in your recruiter’s voice, apologize for the same.


Listen Carefully & Don’t Interrupt

It is where the majority of the candidates fail. Let your employer complete the sentence and listen closely what he/she is asking. If you are not able to get the question- you can always ask when he/she completes asking you. It is a good sign to become a good listener.


Never Over-talk

Recruiters do not like over confident candidates, answer to the point and close the question in short. Pause and ask when you are done replying if your recruiter wants to know more in detail.


With the above mentioned phone call interview tips you will be able to master over the call and surely get selected for the personal round of interview. Best Luck!


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