Writing your cover letter

The aim of a cover letter is to sell yourself to a potential employer.

As such it should be used to state the skills and experienceyou have that are directly related to the specific job you are applying to.

If you want it to be read and make an impact then make it individual and don’t use a standard template foundon the internet.

What should I put in my cover letter?

  • State which job you are applying for, companies usually have more than one open position at a time!
  • Say why you are applying for that specific role, is it time for a career move etc.
  • Say clearly what it is that makes you suited to the role, is it your experience, skills etc. If so then what skills and experience?
  • Give the recruiter or hiring manager a reason to call you in for an interview!

How should I structure a cover letter?

In the order that you should write them, you need;

  • To write an opening line (e.g. Dear Sir, Dear Mr XXXXX). It’s polite and professional.
  • To name the position you are applying for and how you heard about the job.
  • A brief sentence stating where you currently work, how much experience you have and what education you have.
  • A short paragraph detailing succinctly why you are suitable for the role. This section is where you really sell yourself to the employer.
  • To request a meeting or interview, and say you are available at their convenience and don’t forget to include your contact details.
  • Always include a final linethanking them or similar (e.g. Best wishes, Kindest regards, Salutations, etc.).

Cover letter mistakes to avoid?

Badly written, poor spellingetc.,

Your must ensure that your cover letter is grammatically correct and free from mistakes. This means no spelling mistakes, no incorrect use of language and noshortening of words.Make sure you get the person’s name right and make sure you spell the company name correctly.

Template cover letters

A cover letter is your chance to really sell yourself. Do not just copy and paste the standard cover letter that you use for every job application. Cover letters like these make your application boring and the same as every other candidate.Take the time and effort to write an original honest and unique cover letter for each job you apply for.


It is important that what you say in your cover letter matches what you have written in your resume.

Do not lie on your cover letter or mention skills or experience which are missing from your resume.

Don’t undersell yourself

You are writing a cover letter to help you get a job! It is important that you only include relevant and positive information about yourself. Do not undersell your skills and experience. If you do that why would they call you?


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