Software Testing Training Institute in Ameerpet Hyderabad

Why You Need Software Testing Training

Today, technological advancements have made it possible for learners to undergo software testing training either online or offline. A good number of people are aware of offline opportunities. However, do you know that online platforms are just as effective at providing the much-needed training as any offline institution?
Whom is the Training For?

The training is available for different groups of learners, which include:
a) Software testers
b) Test managers
c) Software companies
d) Software consultants

Real Time Faculty

Infologicsoft has experienced real time trainers as a faculty and We provide the complete training,material prepared notes by our industry experts.

100% Job Assistance

we are providing Practical training with 100% placement assistance to our students, When a student completes his/ her course successfully,We have best companies to place our students!

Corporate Training

We are highly recognized corporate training certification programs and courses providing company in Hyderabad India.

Free Demo Class by Infologicsoft

Infologic soft is the best Training Institute in Hyderabad for Live Projects. Complete Live Projects training with real-time scenarios and Case studies.

Our Courses

a) Software testers
b) Test managers
c) Software companies
d) Software consultants
Make Yourself More Competitive
Anybody who wants to be more competitive and increase chances of landing the perfect software-testing job should go through the training. The market is highly competitive. Only the best, well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced testers have a higher chance of getting the best jobs.
Open More Doors for Yourself
Apart from making you more competitive in the marketplace, the training also opens more doors for you to better software testing jobs. Yes, there are as many opportunities in the software testing industry as you can imagine. The only challenge is to make yourself impossible-to-turn-down. Get the training and no employer will afford to let you go or turn you down.

Save Your Employer or Clients Money

How much money can you save your software testing company? The truth is you can save it a lot of money, but only with the appropriate training. There no better reason for undergoing the necessary training as this one. Employees who help their employers save tons of money are often indispensable. Be indispensable too by going through the software testing training.
In fact, your employer will soon make you a manager if you help the company save money.
Consultants are in great demand because of their ability to help clients save money.
You cannot be a successful, highly sought after consultant without this training.

Identify and Fix Bugs

The purpose of the training is to make you a tester possessing the skills required for identifying and finding bugs. A well-trained tester is capable of finding bugs within the shortest time imaginable. Apart from finding bugs, the training will also equip you with the skills required for fixing bugs on the newly developed software.

Act as the Customer’s Eyes:

The tester has the unique distinction of being among the first people to see new software. In a way, testers are like the first customer. They see things that might prevent a seamless experience for the customer. The purpose of working as a tester is to speak on behalf of the customer and insist on the development of perfect software.
It is not wrong to call the tester a customer’s spokesperson.

Therefore, enroll with us to start receiving your software tester training as soon as today.